Dorado Finance - бухгалтерские услуги в Праге и Чехии


We provide services in the field of Czech accounting and law, taxes, real estate and mortgages, international law.


DORADO FINANCE is a young, perspective company in the Czech Republic offering legal, accounting and consulting services for businesses and individuals living and working in the territory of the Czech Republic. Our employees are regularly attend training seminars on Czech legislation and are always aware of new products and changes in laws, taxation and other issues related to the residence and employment of foreign nationals. Our company aims to take a strong position in the Czech market as a company offering a range of business support services, from consultations about starting businesses, establishing labor agreements and creating company statutes, all the way to bookkeeping, tax reports and submitting the right documents to the right authorities. In brief, DORADO FINANCE makes every effort to relieve you of routine and stacks of paperwork and give you more free time and opportunities to grow your business.

Our Service Offerings



  • Restoration of accounting, tax accounting and reporting
  • Application and registration with the social security administration (ČSSZ), health insurance agency (ZP) and tax office
  • Payroll and payroll taxes
  • Monthly reporting to the social security and health insurance administrations
  • Tax declarations on income tax, VAT, transport tax and real estate tax
  • Representation of company interests in relevant state organizations
  • Protection of interests in various regulatory inspections
  • Remote accounting services
  • Preparation and submission of VAT (DPH) reports - monthly, quarterly
  • Annual accounting reports
  • Monthly filing of consolidated reports in FÚ (goods/services Czech Republic - Eurozone)
  • Financial planning and tax optimization
  • Transportation tax reporting
  • Real estate tax reporting
  • Tax optimization in coherence with Czech accounting standards
  • Accounting audits
  • Financial planning and tax optimization



  • Refund of VAT in the Czech Republic
  • Financial planning and tax optimization
  • Tax, payroll, personnel records and preparation of payroll accruals
  • Representation of customer interests in the state and tax authorities of the Czech Republic within the framework of accounting, tax reporting and tax audit tracking
  • Advice on accounting, tax, management accounting and tax law
  • Application and registration at the Tax Inspectorate
  • Income tax payment
  • Calculation of taxes on wages
  • VAT reporting - monthly, quarterly



  • 1. Accounting audit
  • 2. Tax audit
  • 3. Audit of individual transactions
  • 4. Internal audit
  • 5. Audit of acquisitions
  • 6. Voluntary audit on current operations
  • 7. Selective audit



  • Advice on accounting , tax, management accounting and tax law
  • Consultation in the field of taxation, tax optimization
  • Consultation in the field of European Union law, doing business with companies incorporated in the EU
  • Accounting advice: when to submit reports, which documents you need, how to formulate labor contracts, how to calculate wages
  • Consulting in the field of obtaining and/or extending of long-term visas, as well as advice on the opening of the company in the Czech Republic
  • Consulting in the field of finance, information technology, HR, communications, manufacturing, marketing, etc.
  • Risk management consulting, corporate governance
  • Maintenance of corporate transactions and business restructuring

Business support


  • Visa issuance and support for directors and employees
  • Registration and liquidation of companies
  • Drafting contracts, agreements and employment contracts
  • Marketing. Market research. Promotion. Advertising
  • Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Business accounting




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