Бухгалтерский аудит в Праге.

Audit of company

Audits allow you to detect errors and omissions in your accounts to avoid tax risks, and optimize your costs.


Types of audits


1. Accounting audit – recovery of accounting activities, verification of all business transactions, financial accounting for new firms.

2. Tax audit – a complete audit or an individual tax audit. Includes a check on the correctness of the tax base determination, on the status of payments in line with the budget, on the usage of incentives, or on accounting and reporting methods.

3. Audit of individual transactions – conducted within the framework of the initiative audit of individual sections of your business, for example, the audit of foreign trade activities, etc.

4. Internal audit – a sure way to improve business, and strive for accuracy on all financial statements.

5. Audit of acquisitions - this service allows customers to check the financial condition of a company which they plan to buy. Audit reports issued by our company are a guarantee that the business being acquired has no tax arrears or remaining financial obligations to creditors, and no hidden accounting traps.

6. Voluntary audit on current operations - a service which is often used when an owner does not directly run the business, but rather through a representative or management company. A voluntary audit helps identify any problems and inconsistencies in the company's financial statements, allowing business owners to correct errors or to detect abuse at an early stage. This audit recommended twice annually - at the beginning of the year, before the tax return, and again at the end of the first half.

7. Selective audit - allows you to check the correctness of financial operations separately, for example, examining a contract with a particular supplier or buyer. According to the results, you can get an idea of ​​the permissibility of financial and tax optimization in specific cases. Our specialists analyze all aspects of the operation and recommend financial process optimization.

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