Консалтинг и бухгалтерия в Праге. Консультации, налоги, продление виз Прага


DORADO Finance will advise you on legal, tax, accounting, labor or visa issues totally free. Just contact us!


“Consulting” is an overused word in today’s world. The words “Consultations” and “Consulting Services” are in every ad and newspaper. However, we’re in constant need of advice on many issues, ranging from business to real estate to medical needs to document preparation. The experts at DORADO Finance will gladly advise you on legal, tax and labor matters. Our company provides free consultations. All you need to do is contact us with any questions or a request for advice.




  • Advice on accounting , tax, management accounting and tax law
  • Consultation in the field of taxation, tax optimization
  • Consultation in the field of European Union law, doing business with companies incorporated in the EU
  • Accounting advice: when to submit reports, which documents you need, how to formulate labor contracts, how to calculate wages
  • Consulting in the field of obtaining and/or extending of long-term visas, as well as advice on the opening of the company in the Czech Republic
  • Consulting in the field of finance, information technology, HR, communications, manufacturing, marketing, etc.
  • Risk management consulting, corporate governance
  • Maintenance of corporate transactions and business restructuring

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