Export-import documentation

Need advise and help with documents or certificates for export or import of product? - just contact us!


Have you ever had a brilliant idea of organising export of your ptoducts abroad, or vice versa - import some interesting product to your motherland, but stopped rapidly because of difficulties in searching foreign partners and organising orders, documents, logistics? This it a typical problem, that businessmen face. These problems shouldn't stop you from making your wishes and plans come true. Let us help you with any issue, you are dealing with.




  • Market research and communication with foreign partners
  • Formulating foreign trade contracts
  • Creating invoices, packing lists, price lists
  • Calculation of customs value (duties, VAT)
  • Providing information about the requirements for permits for the import and export of goods
  • Creating Certificate of Origin Form A, EUR 1
  • Filling out the CMR, Karnet TIR
  • Price assurance, invoices, etc. in the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic
  • Confirmation of the export of goods from the territory of the EU, the supply of information to Customs and Tax Inspectorate (for VAT refund)
  • Certification of goods, acquiring clearance permits for the importation and exportation of goods
  • Visiting other places outside Prague for the purpose of resolving issues related to foreign economic activity
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