Сопровождение бизнеса в Праге. Поможем открыть, купить или закрыть фирму в Праге

Business support

We will support you in visas obtaining and extensions, real estate and mortgages, contracts and agreements, accounting and law in Czech Republic.


As a rule, foreigners arriving in the Czech Republic aim to start working and begin providing for their family, not thinking about how or where they will earn their money, and end up somewhere in employment. Alternatively, when an entrepreneur who is already successful in their homeland wants to develop his or her business in Europe, and to do so moves to the Czech Republic, or at least opens a company in the Czech Republic. But it’s no secret that establishing and maintaining a company takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes the owner doesn’t not have time for the development and expansion of their business. Nevermind the fact that the firm was created in a foreign country, where the laws are different, and its citizens speak a foreign language! DORADO Finance is providing a new and promising service: business support for companies. The range of services included in our business support gives entrepreneurs and businessmen a great advantage by solving all urgent needs, as well as routine business tasks, so businessmen can concentrate fully on the strategic development of their firm.


Resolving visa issues for Directors and employees


Please help me with getting a visa for my new colleague. I want to invite him from Russia to work in my firm, but I’m not sure which type of visa he needs or how to get it. I need to know what I need in order to prepare the visa - which documents do I need? Where should I go? What are my chances of successfully getting my specialist a visa?


  • Organization and prolongation of employment, study and business visas
  • Document preparation and implementation of procedures for hiring a foreign workers
  • Assistance with visa application and extension forms
  • Interpreter accompaniment to the Foreign Police

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Business Registration and Liquidation


"I have a business in Russia, but in order to grow and build my firm’s reputation, I’d like to open a legal branch in the Czech Republic and grow a European client base. What steps should I take? What are my possibilities?"




  • Drafting complete constituent documents, filing notary records once a company is founded
  • Ensuring Director status for all founders
  • Registering companies in Prague Commercial Court
  • Obtaining licenses for activities not requiring qualifications
  • Drafting proxies
  • Translation services, translation of all documents into Czech
  • Opening corporate bank accounts
  • Registering companies in state business and financial bureaus
  • Preparation of mandatory certificates confirming no criminal record in the Czech Republic
  • Creation of annual reports
  • Preparation and submission of a zero balance report for the first year
  • Continuous consulting services throughout the first year of operation

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Drafting contracts, agreements and employment contracts


"I’m opening an s.r.o. and I plan on supplying confectionaries across the European Union. I need help in preparing complete contracts with EU countries, as well as in drafting contracts for new hires.".




  • Consulting on trade relations between firms in the Czech Republic and firms located in the European Union
  • Tax advice
  • Drafting employment contracts under the law of the Czech Republic
  • Translation into English (if necessary)

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Marketing. Market research. Promotion. Advertising.


"I’d like to understand who else is selling Canadian cosmetics in the Czech Republic. Who are the competitors? Is the market already saturated? I’d also like to create business cards, printed materials and a company website. In the future, I’ll also need to design and print packaging and formulate an advertising campaign to promote my products.".




  • Goals and objective setting and a study of the local market. Analytical conclusions. Recommendations. Liaising with interested enterprises. Language support in negotiations. Correspondence on your behalf.
  • Business plan writing for company formation and branding
  • Corporate identity creation, logos, naming of the brand
  • Style guide development of the brand, printed materials (catalogs, brochures, flyers, business cards, letterheads)
  • Souvenir production and packaging design
  • Company website development
  • Business plan development to promote your brand in the market
  • Organization of printing & promotional materials, hiring contractors

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"I plan to supply low energy fuel to Holland from Ukraine (a demand exists). I’m interested in knowing my options for transporting fuel from Ukraine to Holland: there’s the question of price and budget, which companies are reliable, and of course the particularities of customs.".




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Real Estate


"I would like to buy an apartment with the mortgage in my company’s name and I’d like to rent it out while I am away from the Czech Republic. Could you help me with these issues?".




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Corporate accounting


"I need an accountant, but my firm hasn’t quite gained momentum to hire one full-time. But I’d love to outsource the job.".




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